Eurospares is proud to sponsor Scuderia Ferrari Driving Academy driver Oliver Bearman throughout his 2024 Formula 2 season.

Hailing from Chelmsford, Essex (only 25 miles from Eurospares), Ollie is very much a home grown hero. After being inducted into the Ferrari Driving Academy and enjoying a positive year with Prema Racing, helping them finish second in the 2023 teams’ championship, Ollie emerged as a perfect partner for Eurospares for the 2024 FIA Formula 2 championship.

Ollie also secured his position within both Scuderia Ferrari and Haas F1 teams as their reserve driver and made his F1 debut in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on 9th March 2024.

20 minutes before he received the phone call from Ferrari asking him to step in for Carlos Sainz, we conducted an interview with him.

During qualifying at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, Saudi Arabia, the 6ft 3in Brit highlighted why he was nominated for the Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Award in 2021! He finished 11th, narrowly missing Q2 by less than a tenth of a second behind Lance Stroll.

On race day, 18-year-old Oliver Bearman didn’t only impress on track but entered the history books! He became the youngest ever British F1 driver (beating Lando Norris who debuted at 19 in 2019) and also the youngest ever driver to race for Scuderia Ferrari.

An intense race saw Ollie execute some precision driving bringing his number 38 SF-24 to finish 7th overall and help gain Scuderia Ferrari 22 points in the constructors championship alongside fellow team mate, the former Eurospares-sponsored Charles Leclerc.

Image of young racing driver Oliver Bearman standing next to his Formula 2 car in the Prema Racing team garage at the 2024 Bahrain F2 race weekend. He is wearing his racing suit with the Eurospares sponsor logo visible on his shirt.

We’ll be cheering Ollie on for the rest of the season and hope that our sponsorship and support of young drivers like Mick Schumacher, Charles Leclerc, and now Oliver Bearman continues to help nurture exceptional talent and propel them to success.

Eurospares specialise in new and used parts for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and Aston Martin and hold a stock in excess of £70 million in our UK warehouse, ready for 24- or 48-hour delivery to nearly every country in the world.

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2024 Prema Formula 2 race car featuring the Eurospares sponsor logo.

During out interver with Ollie Bearman, we got to the nitty gritty and asked the important questions we all want to know. Here are his answers:

I would say Michael Jackson, I'm a big fan of him. I'm sad I never got to go to one of his concerts or anything because I see a lot of the videos from those and they look amazing, he had so much energy - it's awesome!
Different era. I download my songs on Spotify haha
My favourite movie is Shank Redemption, it's quite an old film but it's a really cool story and I really enjoyed watching it .
So, my favourite TV series is Breaking Bad. I've watched it three times now in about three years, so I'm due another rewatch soon. Yeah, it's really cool and I enjoyed basically every episode. They're all really good! Another one honourable mention is Prison Break. I really like Prison Break!
This is embarrassing haha. I like playing Fortnite played with my brother, I actually streamed it quite recently with Arthur (Leclerc) as Well.
The last thing I watched? What did I watch most recently…let me check. Oh! I watched La La Land…it's a romcom haha.
My first car my first car was a BMW (F40 1 series). I still have it now, it's in Italy so it's a right-hand drive car from the UK in Italy, which is a bit of a pain, but I have an emotional attachment to that car.
That's a really good question! I would say an F40. It's achievable, I would say…hopefully, if I'm successful, and if I ever get in a position to buy one, I would definitely do that.
My daily would be an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. It's mega car, it looks amazing. A classic? I would have a 250 GTO or an F40, whichever one haha! More likely to be an F40 to be honest, and my modern car would be the new Purosangue…the 4x4 Ferrari.
It's obvious haha! LaFerrari. It's the best out of the three.
I would say an F40 maybe it's not the most performance (oriented) car but, I think it's the most beautiful and yeah I love that car. Whenever I see it I get goosebumps.
The 488 Pista, I think, is the one of the most beautiful cars Ferrari has ever made. Even now it looks so modern and perfect. By the same token the 458 Speciale is beautiful as well, and maybe a bit more valuable, but I would take the Pista.
When I'm at home I normally do gaming with my brother, which is quite funny; but otherwise when I'm in Italy my favourite way to unwind is a TV show or gaming again…I'm still a kid at heart haha!
I really want to do a massive road trip, like a huge one like to Africa or something like this, with my brother. The problem is he's too young to drive and I'm too busy to do it at the moment, so I will do it one day, but we're a couple of years away.
I normally get bad advice haha! I tend to over complicate things sometimes, nowadays I'm a lot better but I remember especially last year, and the year before in F3, my boss at the time in in the (Ferrrari Driver’s) Academy was always telling me to keep it simple, and I was always performing better when I kept it simple and didn't overthink things.
Last year there was a lot of failures, and I think I learned a lot about myself. How I react to certain situations and how I perform mentally in some situations, and I think I've not learned a particular lesson, but I've just learned about myself and you know, how I am as a person mentally. That's why last year was a huge kind of growth year for me.
It really depends on the track and the car you're driving. Generally oversteer is a bit of a better characteristic to have but, for example a track like Jeddah where we are right now, it's not fantastic with the walls close and nowadays with the tires we have it's a bit risky to have oversteer because the tyres overheat quite easily. But generally I tend to be a bit more of an oversteer-y driver.
Nothing major. I've tried to kind of keep away from that. I kind of fell into the trap a bit at some stages of my career, but I try not to get superstitious or anything like this. I know a lot of people who are, and it can be a bit unhealthy so I try to just keep it simple and yeah…not do too many things. Although I am wearing the same trousers as yesterday because I put it on pole, so there’s a bit of superstition but try to keep it as low as possible.
I wouldn't say there's one definitive track that's my favourite, Jeddah is amazing…one of my favourites. Silverstone is also awesome, such a high speed track. Monaco for the thrill and the location, so there's three honourable mentions. Also Imola, that's a really awesome track as well, lots of history there as well.
I would say Michael Schumacher for the way he brought so much success and motivation to Ferrari. Yeah, I hear a lot of stories about him and the way he motivated the team and brought them…you know so much happiness and motivation. Yeah, for that reason he's a he's a big inspiration of mine.
I talk about doing a Le Mans race with my dad and my brother eventually, although my brothers 14 and I'm only 18 so we have to wait. Problem is my dad will be too old soon…hahaha…so we have to we have to rush. But no, I would love to do a Le Mans race with my dad and my brother. Although, I think my real dream team would be with the best drivers. With Ayrton Senna with Michael Schumacher…us three, that's my dream.
I would say as a weekend last year in Baku was a fantastic one. I won every race and I was P1 in…actually I was P1 in every session, so was a pretty good weekend. I just felt at one with the track and the car and yeah…it was fantastic, really good experience.
I guess I'm pretty fast…haha, that helps. I guess there's a lot of things that I know I'm strong at, but I would say my main thing is that I can learn quickly so I feel like I can turn weaknesses into strengths quite easily.
I think they don't understand the physical aspect of racing. They don't understand how difficult it is to race for an hour around Monaco, around Jeddah. Around any track basically where you're this close to the walls and any mistake is very costly. So, there's a lot of mental strength that needs to go into a race, and even just driving in itself they don't understand the physical aspect. How difficult it is you know; we're performing it our maximum upper body strength with the neck, with the shoulders, with the core. I think they don't understand how difficult it is. When I was younger and in karting my school friends would be like…you know, making fun of me, telling me it's not a real sport but it's very difficult and we put a lot of hours in the gym to be ready.
It's really tough because it depends track to track, but I try to keep it light and simple. Some grilled chicken or salmon, some rice and some grilled vegetables. It's a perfect meal. Makes you full, and not too heavy ,
Let's have a look because I was just in the gym…it's called 'Oh U Went' by Young Thug and Drake. Not my normal song…haha, but yeah it was on shuffle and that's what came up.
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